LabLearner: Past, Present, and Future


Since 2004

The LabLearner science education program is now used in hundreds of schools across the U.S. The first LabLearner installations and teacher professional developments began in 2004. Thus, LabLearner has been functioning as the primary science education curriculum for PreK-8 students for well over a decade. During this period, tens of thousands of students have benefitted from LabLearner’s rigorous, hands-on approach to science instruction and science skill development.


Current LabLearner Schools

Geographically, LabLearner schools are scattered across the United States and are located in a majority of States. In addition to wide geographic distribution, LabLearner schools represent a wide and diverse variety of educational systems and demographic student populations. LabLearner schools are located in heavily populated urban centers. For example, LabLearner currently has 43 schools in Brooklyn/Queens and 42 schools in Philadelphia. On the other hand, LabLearner serves schools in some of the most remote and sparsely populated districts in the country, some with district high school graduation classes of a dozen or less.

LabLearner has been very popular and successful in private schools, public schools and public charter schools. Among non-public institutions, Catholic schools have strongly embraced LabLearner across the country. It is also the curriculum choice for other outstanding types of non-public and public schools. Since the early 2000’s until present, LabLearner has been the science education program of choice in schools across the country.



Sample LabLearner School Websites

St. Thomas More Catholic School

Spokane, WA

The Future: LabLearner program sustainability

LabLearner schools are highly sustainable and they have remarkable program loyalty and retention rates. Ongoing annual costs for the LabLearner program are minimal. Affordable maintenance costs were designed into the LabLearner program from its inception.

Sustainable annual costs and comprehensive customer service are two of the many reasons LabLearner enjoys long-lasting relationships with its schools. Of the hundreds of LabLearner schools installed over the past 16 years, only a small handful have discontinued the program – less than 5 percent! Therefore, a striking majority of schools have stuck with LabLearner through many cycles of curriculum review. Consequently, not only has LabLearner delivered on its promise of the highest quality hands-on science instruction available, the system leads to a highly stable science and STEM curriculum. Many tens of thousands of students have taken LabLearner education benefits into high school science and into their college education and careers.